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What the Hell Does the US Think About?

The US Subversion of China is Now in the Open
The Americans' pathological tendency to meddle in the affairs of other countries.

Mr. Hu, I solemnly swear the US is your good friend and I would never even think of trying to overthrow your government. Even if that means my Empire is incomplete.
The Washington Post recently (January 14, 2011) had several articles on Hu Jintao's state visit to the US, prefaced by Hillary Clinton's loudmouthed appearance in China.

The most startling thing emerging from these events is the public announcement of the US determination to openly engage in political subversion in China. The stated intent is effectively to source all avenues to subvert Chinese patriotism - to turn the Chinese against their own government.

What the hell do these people think about, that this should be acceptable behavior? The above article said Obama was planning to "refocus attention on China's record of free speech and political freedom", "despite the risk of further destabilizing an important relationship..."

Obama does not intend to keep quiet about the issue. He apparently intends to "both publicly and privately" call for expanded civil liberties, saying "they could further spur economic innovation" in China." That's cute. The very last thing the US wants from China is yet more "economic innovation".

And U.S. officials insisted on including these questions of both leaders at a White House news conference. But speaking to China's leaders isn't sufficient to subvert the population to American influence and control.

Senior administration officials say Obama is "exploring ways to better reach Chinese citizens directly, perhaps by using technology unavailable to many of his predecessors."

According to White House officials Obama is "very, very interested in how to reach into China to be heard." He is seeking ways to directly engage the Chinese public on the importance of civil liberties."

Hello, Handsome! Do you mind if I exude friendship and sexuality while I try to subvert your people's patriotism and loyalty, and get them to overthrow your government?
Obama is not doing this in a vaccuum. He's enlisting help from exiles, "dissidents", "human rights activists" and anyone else who might help to guide the US meddling in China.

Last week, Obama met for more than an hour at the White House with five "advocates for human rights in China".

During Obama's meeting, he questioned these "human rights advocates" about how "the arbitrary exercise of power is felt in the everyday lives of the Chinese people", and "how the omnipresence of the state affects the lives of real people".

And he asked (repeatedly) "How we should use our leverage. Where should we use our leverage?"

Understand what this means.

The US government, from the President and the Secretary of State downward, is seeking advice from nationals of another sovereign nation on how to most effectively reach the population of their country so as to bring down their own government.
The US won't directly attack the form of government other than to preach the gospel of a superior democracy, but will instead focus on the "freedoms and rights" of individual people, but the purpose of all that is to overthrow the government.

Here is an excerpt from an earlier editorial on Freedom and Democracy in China:

  • The American Way - What is Good for America is Good for the World

  • US Christians sprinkling democracy dust on Iraq. Just the way God wanted.
    Why do Americans so stubbornly assume their multi-party political system should be the world's standard? There is no factual basis for such an ideological position, and their belief in it does not make it true.

    It is astonishing, incredible, that so many Americans have elevated their private political ideology to the theological status of a "Universal Value and Human Right".

    Not only that, they appear fervently infused with a Christian charity that compels them to inflict this universal value on everyone else, using military force, if necessary.

    What is behind this pathological tendency to meddle in the affairs of other countries, to presume to dictate what they should want, how they should think, what kind of government they should have, what their values should be?

    What exactly is it about the US, that it cannot abide any country having a government system different from its own? The US is so terrified of Social Democracy that it finances brutal dictatorships to try to eliminate it.

    The US used the CIA to subvert the government in Indonesia and install Suharto as dictator and, in the greatest mass slaughter in human history, the CIA organised and supervised the rounding up and hacking to death with machetes, of more than 3 million Indonesian peasants - because they were showing 'Communist' tendencies.
    What kind of insanity drives these people?

    US fanaticism for spreading democracy at all costs displays a frightening intolerance for opposition and an alarming willingness to use violence to impose their system on anyone weak enough to be overcome.

    The very strange part about the US extremist fanaticism in proselytising democracy is that the US has never actually installed a "democracy" anywhere. In fact, it's been precisely the reverse. We know of more than 40 instances where the US installed a brutal dictator, and assisted in crushing all attempts by the people to create a democracy.

    And we know of at least 13 cases where the US overthrew a legitimate functioning democracy - sometimes by military invasion, sometimes by assassination, sometimes by financing a revolution - for the purpose of installing another dictatorship.

    Aside from Iraq and Afghanistan, I know of no instances where the US even attempted to install a democratic government, and in these two cases the US had little choice and the result is a hopeless shambles that will breed civil war for generations. The US preaches democracy but installs and supports dictatorships - by the dozen. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

  • Freedom and Democracy. My Way or the Highway.

  • We killed maybe 1 million Iraqi civilians, you say? Men, women and children? And 3 million Vietnamese and 2 million Cambodians? And another 3 million Indonesians? Iranians too? Ah, who gives a shit. Sure, we tortured and killed millions and destroyed their countries and economies, but what the hell are they complaining about? We brought them "democracy" and "freedoms" and "human rights". The Iraqis who are still alive now have a 'speaker of the house". That's not worth a million lives and a shattered country? What are you? Some kind of communist? Besides, we need the oil, so piss off.
    Readers may want to consider that in these Western discussions of China, most of the hype about 'democracy' is quite unrelated to the superiority of the system, but rather more to the ease of external interference, manipulation and control.

    For the part of the US for example, all the blathering about democracy is just jingoistic hypocrisy for the masses. The US has repeatedly demonstrated it doesn't much care what kind of government exists, so long as it is controllable and will do the bidding of the master.

    If the US were so interested in the high moral values of democracy, perhaps Hillary Clinton would like to explain to us why her country installed, supported, financed and protected more than 42 of the world's bloodiest dictators during the past 5 or 6 decades.

    Maybe she'd like to explain why the US overthrew 13 legitimate functioning democracies (including Iran) for the purpose of installing a dictator who was more amenable to control? Perhaps she could even explain how the US justified sending the CIA to assassinate (undisputed fact) Patrice Lumumba, a national hero and President of a strong functioning democracy?
    Read this: Here's the list of US dictators , and much more:

    By US thinking, the two best kinds of government are (1) dictators that you install (Suharto, Somoza, Shah Reza Pahlavi) and (2) democracies you can influence, bully, subvert, and control (The UK, Austria, Belgium, Romania, The Czech Repubic, Canada). The worst kind is China's one-party system that doesn't easily lend itself to outside meddling and subversion.

    The interest in all of this is not to make China free or to liberate the Chinese people, but to force China to become part of the US camp - to become a vassal to the hegemon. And you begin by trying to force a change in the political system, not to free the people but to open the government to influence and control.

    Here is the link to the entire editorial: China, Freedom and Democracy

  • The US is Actively Advocating and Practicing Subversion

  • Hillary Clinton was so surprised to discover the Chinese don't want her "freedoms", OR her "democracy", and that they resent her intrusion on their sovereignty.
    Subversion is defined as the action of trying to destroy a legally constituted government, to undermine its moral integrity by destroying the loyalty and patriotism of the people, especially by attacking it indirectly in written or spoken material.

    To corrupt the allegiance of a population, to undermine the character and foundation of a country and its government, to overthrow and ruin it.

    The US has of course for many decades been active in Tibet, sowing dissention since the 1950s and actively trying to dismember that part of China, and more recently in 2008 and 2009, where the CIA directed and financed the violence in Tibet, and used Rebiya Khadeer's group to help do the same in Xinjiang in 2009.
    And there appears to be clear, if insufficient, evidence that the US government (through the CIA) was the instigator behind the events in Tiananmen Square.

    But those activities were largely surreptitious, done in the dark. Recent US efforts to destabilise Iraq, North Korea and Iran have been more in the open, but publicly justified as sanctioning the "axis of evil".

    This event appears to be a first - the open publication of the US government policy to subvert and destabilise China - not by attacking from the outside but by "reaching inside the country", bypassing the Government of China, and appealing directly to the Chinese people to betray their own country.

    It is also a first in another way. The US has failed miserably in its attempts to bully the Chinese government in so many areas and attempts, especially in trying to "contain" China and to stop its apparently inexorable economic progress. The World's Imperial Master cannot tolerate any competition, so another way must be found to undermine the country.

    China has damned good reasons, as a country, to feel bitter animosity toward a number of nations, the UK and Japan in particular, to say nothing of the constant US meddling and interference on everything from Taiwan to the RMB. But while China remembers, it doesn't hold grudges, and the country has moved beyond that.

    China is not a belligerent country; it is neither hegemonic nor imperialistic. China is not expansionist; the Chinese have no intention whatever of attacking and conquering anybody. China presents no dangers to world peace, nor does it issue threats.

    China's international interests are almost entirely commercial, and the Chinese defense industry is geared to ensuring that the West will not painlessly engage in further invasions or violations of China's domestic sovereignty. That's all.

    I'm Captain America, and I can offer you all the "Universal Values" your heart dreams of - ignorance, simple-mindedness, bigotry, racism, gullibility, American Supremacy, and a good measure of mere stupidity. Oh, I almost forgot; I also offer "democracy" and "freedom" and "human rights". But the best part is that I can offer you guns, lots of guns, and if you Christians follow me, God will be on your side and we can roam all over the world and kill as many people as we want.
    So we have the US, the Great Imperial Power of the Day, openly advocating the subversion and overthrowing of the government of a friendly nation.

    And they aren't hesitant or bashful about it, either. Since the US hasn't been able to bully China into subservience, the plan is to bypass the government and try to obtain the subservience of the Chinese people by proclaiming the promise of "freedoms".

    And the appeal will consist of messages to the Chinese people that they are the product of a brutal, god-forsaken commie dictatorship, living in a bad place with no rights, no 'freedoms', no hope.

    They will be told they are stifled, unhappy, miserable, the product of enforced slave labor, living their lives under oppression and fear, lacking all manner of liberties and rights. And of course, Obama and Hillary will have the solution at hand: "Democracy equals Freedom". US-style multi-party democracy is the only solution.
    The hope, of course, is to gradually cause widespread dissention throughout the country, and the collapse of the government. Subversion.

  • Is Any of This Still Not Clear to You?

  • Obama is very interested in exploring ways to directly contact Chinese citizens through the internet, enlisting help from exiles and disaffected flakes who might help to guide US meddling in China. The US government is seeking advice from nationals of another sovereign nation on how to most effectively reach the population of their country so as to bring down their own government.

    The US, through the CIA, scans and monitors all Google and Hotmail emails emanating from China, and all communications on Facebook and Twitter, looking for individuals who might be susceptible to assisting in their subversion. And of course, this is not news to the Chinese government, which is why China reacted so strongly to Google, Facebook and Twitter in the first place.

    The US incites, encourages, sponsors and finances, so-called "activists" like Liu Xiaobo (the "Nobel Prize Winner" who has for years been on the CIA payroll) and Rebiya Khadeer (the Xinjiang "activist", who has also been on the CIA payroll for years), directly inciting the unrest and riots like those in Tibet in 2008 (a US Olympic gift to China) and in Xinjiang in 2009.

    The US uses the blogs, the social internet media, as a tool for their subversive activities, uses the CIA to sponsor and finance gullible people within a country to assist them in sowing dissention and dissatisfaction, to participate in CIA-planned-and-financed domestic unrest and violence, and then condemns China when it censors those bloggers or imprisons those same CIA subversives.

    Remember that Liu Xiaobo was not imprisoned for campaigning for rights and freedoms, but for advocating subversion and the overthrow - by Western invasion and colonisation - of the government of China. The same is true of the other so-called "activists" who are in prison - pathetically gullible individuals who were lured by US attention and CIA money to assist the US in destroying their own country.

    US hypocrisy and double standards are staggering in their arrogance. It isn't a violation for the US to promote unrest and violence in a friendly and peaceful country, to actively try to subvert the patriotism of that country's people and overthrow their legitimate government.

    According to the US, it is just 'advocating human rights', and Americans don't like a country blocking their political interference and subversion, so the US climbs upon its moral Christian white horse and cries that it's a 'violation of human rights' for that government to protect itself from these intrusions. As Hillary said, "Many in China resent or reject our advocacy of human rights as an intrusion on their sovereignty." No kidding.

    I remain convinced that only the terminally naive would believe that anyone in the US government cares a tinker's damn for the welfare of the Chinese people.

    In an NYT blog by Nicholas Kristof there was a comment that the tragic earthquake in China's Sichuan Province was "just nature's way of telling us there are too many Chinese in the world". And I would suggest that comment more accurately reflects the real US position than do all the fancy words about "freedom and democracy".

    The driving motivation behind this effort is not a genuine Christian Charity to bring peace, happiness and freedom to the Chinese people, but simply an attempt to enlarge the Empire in the US image.

    What do you mean, "No dogs or Americans allowed"? Do you know who I am? Do you know what B-52s are? Do you know what happened to Vietnam and Iraq when they didn't accept my "freedom and democracy"? You ungrateful Chinese wretches.
    It may not work.

    The Chinese people are much better informed than the typical American, much more aware, and few are as naive or gullible as Obama and Clinton seem to assume.

    If I can paraphrase Charles Larson, Americans get their politics from the same place they get everything else - their ignorance and simple-mindedness.

    The Chinese don't. There will never be a Chinese Sarah Palin painting cross-hairs on political opponents and encouraging the (religious) faithful to "lock and load", using violent rhetoric to the point where the crowd is yelling, "Obama is a terrorist. Kill him".

    There will never be a Chinese "Captain America" dressed in a Chinese flag, preaching for "sanity" in government. The Chinese would laugh him out of the country.
    In a recent Article in The Economist, the writer, in deep shock, bemoaned the fact that "a disconcertingly high percentage of China's population appear very happy with their government", or words to that effect.

    And that's true. In a recent survey by Pew International, 86% of the people in China were happy with their government and their system - compared to 23% for the US.

    As we've noted elsewhere, the number of Chinese interested in US-style democracy is about the same as the number of Americans interested in communism. And they don't want to change.

    And in the 2010 Annual Edelman Trust Barometer, the report shows that trust in government in China increased by 16% and ranked first in the world with 88 percent trust. The However, trust in government fell in the US to 40 percent, putting the U.S. among the bottom four countries with the least trust in their government. U.S. trust in business placed the world’s largest economic power within five points of last-place Russia. Truth be told, many Chinese values, attitudes, virtues, are arguably more desirable than those in the West. The family, relationships, saving and thrift, the avoidance of conflict and search for harmony. If you had these, you wouldn't want to change them either, and for sure not because some arrogant foreigners were telling you how superior they were. Instead of China changing all its values to suit the West, it may happen that many Western values will change to be more like China.

    Mind you, Hillary knows she has an uphill battle. "Many in China resent or reject our advocacy of human rights as an intrusion on their sovereignty," she said. But she added:

    "America will continue to speak out and press China when it censors bloggers and imprisons activists, when religious believers, particularly those in unregistered groups (read Falun Gong, Moonies, Scientologists and other flakes), are denied full freedom of worship, when lawyers and legal advocates are sent to prison simply for representing clients who challenge the government's positions."

    And Tom Malinowski, the Washington director of Human Rights Watch, said "This is the first time in several decades that we have seen a great power that stands for and promotes an alternative vision of how states should relate to their people, and that poses a threat ..... to a whole set of values and norms that underpin the international system the United States helped build."

    Here is a link to the Original Washington Post Article

  • The US Appears to be Color-Blind

  • Don't I look like an angel in this carefully posed photo? Oh, don't mind me. I'm just lovingly admiring the photos of the two million people we massacred in Cambodia. But it's ok. They're just Asian dogs who don't have 'freedoms' and 'human rights'. Same as the Afghans, Iraqis and Palestinians. Human Rights are for white Americans and Israeli Jews.
    Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of this Chinese "human rights campaign" is that the US is apparently color-blind.

    A country that used blatant lies to justify launching two totally unjustified wars, killing perhaps a million civilians in the process, a country that operates countless secret prisons all over the world where countless people have been tortured - some to the death. A country where the president recently put out a hit contract on someone he didn't like in another country.

    A government that spies on its own citizens to the extent of having the CIA and NSA intercept, read and store EACH DAY more than 1.7 billion emails, SMS messages and phone calls (Washington Post - Top Secret America). A country where the "free" news media consistently spins "news" to reflect only the US ideological viewpoint and conveniently omits all else.

    How does a country like this have the gall to challenge China on restricting the Internet or imprisoning (CIA-sponsored) subversives?

    And it's worse than this, much worse.

    Does the US ever publicly, or even privately, criticise Israel for its medieval fascist apartheid state and for the countless war crimes and evils the Jewish state has perpetrated on the Palestinians? Of course not. They're in the US camp.

    Recently a judge in Saudi Arabia solicited a doctor who would be willing to surgically destroy a man's spine - to deliberately paralyse him for life - as punishment for an injury he allegedly inflicted on another man. This is one of many sickening but true human rights violations that occur daily in that country, but does the US criticise the Saudis? Of course not. They're in the US camp. Read the article here.

    Scores of ruthless dictators have been protected while committing mass murders and abominable human rights violations - so long as they remained obedient to their US master. This list is very long.

    What the Hell Does the US Think About?

    Finallly, I urge you to read this poem written by a Chinese, directed to Americans. It's titled "What Do You Want From Us? Enough is enough。"