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The Noble, Noble, Nobel
The Western press appears to be exuberantly celebrating the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese 'dissident' currently in prison.

  • A Touch of Hyypocrisy, Anyone?

  • This week the International League for Human Rights will award in Berlin its Carl von Ossietzky Medal to Israeli wistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, who uncovered to the whole world Israel's nuclear weapons program. Vanunu, just like Liu Xiaobo, will be unable to attend his awarding ceremony because the Israeli government refuses to allow him to travel to Germany to receive it.

    Vanunu spent 18 years in jail, most of it in solitary confinement, for revealing secrets of the country's nuclear program, has been re-arrested and imprisoned on several occasions since, for crimes like trying to go to Jerusalem. He is forbidden to ever leave Israel, and cannot even travel freely about his own country.

    A touch of hypocrisy, anyone? Why aren't the pages of the Western press full of stories about Vanunu? Surely this is just as newsworthy as some flake in China who never did anything but irritate and finally outrage his government with seditious remarks. But Vanunu is a Jew, and Israel is a 'democracy' and a friend of the US, so the West is silent.

    And I think it goes without saying that the US would not be amused if the Nobel Peace Prize were awarded to a Black-Panther rotting in an American jail, and they would sure as hell protest to Norway in the most aggressive way possible. Or maybe we should give Julian Assange a Nobel Prize, so we could then see if the US would still be singing the "Freedom of Speech" tune.

  • What are The Issues?

  • There are two separate issues here; the fact of Liu's incarceration, and the awarding of the prize itself. Let's deal first with the latter of the two.

  • What is This Prize?
  • Given the close US connections to the Nobel Committees, it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of Nobel Prizes in all fields currently go to US citizens, or that since inception the US has been awarded about as many Nobel Prizes as all the other countries in the world combined.

    As a natural occurrence, that would seem statistically impossible. Americans like to boast of their medal record as proof of the superiority of their 'democracy', but since all the Nobel prizes are widely open to political and financial influence the truth may lie elsewhere.

    It is also true that the US (and Israel) have for many years had close connections with these Nobel groups, have had hard-line Right-Wingers appointed to the selection committees, and almost certainly have considerable influence, if not actual decision power, in the selections.

    It's easy to be labeled anti-semitic, but an apparent disproportionate number of prizes have gone to Jews, for inexplicable reasons. Henry Kissinger was awarded the Peace Prize for invading Vietnam and killing in total about 5 million people, and then losing the war. Shimon Perez received it for engineering Israel's nuclear weapons program. And so on.
    The Nobel Peace Prize was last awarded to President Obama of the US - who had done nothing at all to further world peace. In fact, he was at the time deeply in the process of enhancing the US invasion of two other countries, while keeping open Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, and maintaining the US' worldwide network of secret prisons and prison ships.

    Obama could just as easily have qualified for the prize for Literature or Genetics, since, so far as we are aware, he's never done anything in those fields either.

    And now, we have the prize awarded to Mr. Liu Xiaobo, who also has done nothing apparent to further the cause of world peace or, so far as we are aware, to further any cause.

    We have long been prepared for this, since it has been rumored for many years that the Nobel Peace Committee was 'waiting for a chance' to give the award to a Chinese 'dissident'. It would appear this award is today being used primarily as a political weapon against non-Western culture or ideology.

    The Nobel Peace Prize has been transformed into a propaganda tool for U.S. foreign policy objectives by appointing Right-Wing pro-American Norwegian politicians as directors of the Selection Committee, and (we suspect) clandestinely funding the prize to serve exclusively U.S. global interests.

    In addition to Obama, Al Gore received one for shoddy science, as did the Dalai Lama for urging the breakup of China.

    On the other hand, Ghandi didn't get one, nor did those who freed Western Europe. Nor did any of the dissidents of the U.S. dictators in Latin America, who were instead exterminated by CIA-trained and funded Death Squads.

    If this is about dissidents languishing in prisons, what about the thousands of U.S. and Palestinian prisoners kept for life without trial by the US and Israel? It is estimated that over 50,000 anti-American 'dissident' Afghans have been languishing in prisons since 2001, and their Nobel prizes appear unlikely to materialise now.

    It would seem that anyone is eligible who helps to betray countries that antagonize the U.S., and it is one way to divert attention from the million or more killed by the U.S. wars and to focus the world on a trivial issue of a dissident prisoner in China. It really is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the Nobel Peace Prize is only for the US, and the enemies of its enemies.

  • Here we go Again

  • As a preamble, here is another recent, and apparently similar, case.

    A lawyer in China, Xu Zhiyong, recently arrested and jailed, had accumulated some fame by defending what we might call 'personal rights' victims, and was widely presented in the US press as a victim of an authoritarian government suppressing not only rights victims but those defending them.

    In fact, it was presented that his arrest was BECAUSE he had defended personal rights victims. In the NYT and Canada's Globe & Mail, it was only the very last sentence in the article that made passing mention of some 'tax problem'.

    In fact, this lawyer and some associates had for years been conducting a wide-ranging tax evasion scheme involving the counterfeiting of hundreds of millions of RMB in fake tax receipts, and were finally caught and arrested.

    But US press reports consciously ignored the actual cause, and twisted the facts to appear he had been arrested as a 'dissident' for defending the poor and downtrodden.

    Here is a link to this item and more: Click Here

    And today we have Liu Xiaobo, in the news for being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, another 'dissident' jailed by the 'authoritarian' regime. But once again, the Western media conveniently omit the predominant facts.

  • Follow the Money

  • First, Mr. Liu is the President of the 'Independent Pen Centre', an organisation registered and headquartered in New York, and financed by the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), which is a CIA front that runs Radio Free Europe et al, and is active in international meddling, creating uprisings and revolutions, and overthrowing unfriendly governments.

    This is the same organisation that finances Rebiya Khadeer's World Uighur Congress in the US - the same one deeply implicated in the Xinjiang riots in China last year. And most likely the same one that fronted and financed the bloody riots in Tibet in 2008.

  • Who is this Liu Xiaobo, Anyway?

  • A gentleman named Jeremy Wong Fischer wrote (edited for brevity): This is a multilayered issue that represents the failure of due diligence on the part of the Nobel Committee and bandwagon supporters of Liu. Anyone who has bothered to read Liu's writings (in Chinese) will see that he has an inherently derogatory attitude towards his own people, labeling them as "serfs", "Pre-modern", and "inferior".

    In his illustrious career as a pro-democracy activist in China, Liu's message to the Chinese people is one of "Look at all you idiots, submitting to the will of a totalitarian state. All of you idiots! I am the only enlightened one who can see that multi-party democracy is the only solution."

    Of course, his supporters abroad have selective ears. They translate his writings that embrace liberal democratic values into English for wider consumption but they censor anything prejudiced. Western leaders then jump on these liberal democratic values as evidence of the West's superiority.

    Why is it that Liu Xiaobo does not have the same support amongst the general population of Singapore, South Korea, and Japan? Why only Western countries? That is something for us to ponder.

    There are many Chinese activists who deserve the Nobel Peace Prize above Liu. One prominent example is Ai Weiwei, whose vulgar critique of the Chinese government strikes a much more pragmatic tone to Liu's ideological esotericism. Liu's message is to topple the Chinese government. Ai's message is to stop corruption amongst officials to prevent the poor construction of schools. The Chinese government jailed Liu, but they took Ai's message to heart.

    The Chinese people disdain Liu, but love Ai. Both are staunch critics of the Chinese government. So why the difference? When ordinary people listen to Ai, they see how they can act to change things for the better. When ordinary people listen to Liu, all they hear is ideological rants that have no practical substance.

    His ideological opponents argue that it is perfectly fine to rationally accept China's political system as a viable form of government, but also recognize that it has serious flaws. Liu does not deserve the Nobel Peace prize because he has done nothing to advance the cause of peace, but also because in his patronizing romanticism he has lost touch with the needs of the ordinary Chinese citizen.

    Liu has been described in blogs by some Chinese as a self-hating psycho who said he would rather be born a foreigner than Chinese. He appears to cultishly worship anything Western, uses filthy and obscene language to criticize Confucius, and appears to glorify the Western colonists who invaded China.

    Vaclav Havel, the former Czech dissident, nominated Liu for the prize. This is the same Havel who supported NATO's bombing of Serbia, and who helped to manufacture much of the fake "evidence" connecting Saddam Hussein with al Qaeda.

  • And what kind of things did he say?

  • First, Liu Xiaobo is no pacifist, but a warmonger. In the eve of Iraq war, he published his support for the invasion:


    "..., the war to overthrow Saddam Hussein is another practice of the universal justice, even without UN authorization, is just. Now the US, UK and Spain no longer seek UN authorization, they can terminate Hussein's game quickly, no longer waste opportunity and increase the cost of disposing Hussein.

    When the freedom force led by Bush and Blair make great sacrifice to eradicate the evil, the manipulative Chirac may get a Nobel peace prize. However, I believe, history will prove the wisdom of Bush and Blair, just like it has proven the wisdom of Roosevelt and Churchill”.

    "Bush’s excellent accomplishment in anti-terror, is something Kerry absolutely can not negate". "Bush administration’s ‘preemp­tive strike” strategy is the right choice. No matter what, the anti-Saddam war is righteous! President Bush’s decision is a right one!"

    On Islam – "Though we should not view Islam’s teach­ing on terrorism in the same vein as fascism and communism … but this is obvious: a culture and religious system that produced this threat, must be extremely intolerant and blood thirsty.”

  • What's on the Agenda?

  • But Liu had an agenda unrelated to questions of freedom or democracy. Aside from his injudicious calling for the separation and independence of Tibet, Liu advocates the full 'Westernisation' of China as the end objective.

    On his vision for China's future in 1988 (which he affirmed again in 1997) - "Three hundred years of colonialism. Hong Kong became like this after one hundred years of colonialism. China is so much larger, so obviously it will take three hundred years of colonialism. I am still doubtful whether three hundred years of colonialism will be enough to turn China into Hong Kong today."

    His conviction is that China should be invaded and colonised by the Western powers, then thoroughly assimilated and Westernised.

    Subversion is a crime in China as it is in many countries, and Liu was jailed for advocating the overthrow of the Chinese government as a way to accomplish these goals of Western assimilation.

  • And Why Does that Matter?

  • Westerners should understand that China still deeply resents (as it damned well should) the forcible removal of Hong Kong by the British, the Western invasions, the Opium Wars, the bitter humiliations forced upon it by the Western imperialists when it was weak. The raping, the plunder, the destruction. The Chinese may never forget the pain and shame they endured as a half-colony of the noble Western Imperialists.

    It is of political advantage to the US to portray Mr. Liu as a brave and passionate peace-loving scholar who put his personal life on the line for the greater cause of justice and freedom for his countrymen.

    My reading is rather different. Mr. Liu strikes me as a flaky and narcissistic wannabe martyr, and US CIA tool, who richly deserves to be sitting in a cell for betraying his own country.

    China's remarkable achievement over the past 30 years to dramatically lift the living standards of hundreds of millions of its people wouldn't have been possible without political stability. By contrast, the former USSR went through radical political reform similar to that advocated by Liu, (under Gorbachev, another NPP winner), which led to the disintegration of the USSR and 10 years of economic turmoil and terrible hardship for its people. If anyone cared to ask, the majority of the Chinese people would not want their country to follow in the footsteps of the USSR.

  • The Peace Laureate

  • How does an obscure dissident sitting in a Chinese prison figure into this grand plan for global conflict? Liu Xiaobo’s personal link with Norway started during his days as a visiting scholar to the University of Oslo in 1988. At that moment, the Soviet Union was in a deep crisis of disintegration. NATO strategists were anxious about the prospect of Moscow being saved in the nick of time by its onetime friend and ally, China. Faxes out of the Chinese Embassy in Moscow were of utmost concern, but were indecipherable, being written in Chinese.

    Back in those dark days of the Cold War, there weren’t many Chinese in Scandinavia, so Liu was a rare commodity - a scholar from Beijing who loathed Beijing. Whether Liu became a NATO asset is a matter of top-secret classification. Oslo’s repeated inquiries about him through two decades, the Western media’s patronage, and the Nobel selection over other Chinese dissidents indicate some sort of special bond. Whatever the hidden details of his foreign involvements, Liu’s Peace Prize is serving as the bugle call for NATO’s global crusade against so-called "tyranny."

    The fact that an open warmonger (Thorbjoern Jagland) heads the Nobel Peace Committee has completely discredited what was once the world’s most prestigious Peace Prize. That honor is now just another weapon in the arsenal of the Great Powers mobilizing to reassert their authority over their former colonial domain. The goal of the West is not democracy and human rights; what its leaders really desire is domination and warfare. The intentions are clear. Thus we must each prepare, in our different ways, for the coming bloodshed.

    (Section taken from an article by Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times Weekly in Tokyo)

  • In Summary

  • There seems to be such a simple-minded focus on the Nobel Peace Prize, as if it were an issue. The prize is irrelevant.

    Winning a prize is not the same as a "Get out of jail free" card. If a person in most countries commits a serious crime, he or she will go to jail, Nobel prize winner or not.

    In China, as in most countries in the world, subversion - advocating the overthrow of the government by violent means - is a crime. Liu Xiaobo was not imprisoned for winning a prize; he was was arrested and sentenced for the crime of subversion - for publicly advocating the overthrow of his country's government by foreign invasion and colonisation.

    It's true that he was just a patsy, set up, encouraged and financed by the CIA, but he still committed the crimes. Why would anyone want to feel sorry for him?

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