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The International Jew
Article Series by Henry Ford; 1920-22

<>   美国 (The USA)  <>
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UN List of Rights and Freedoms
American Version
Article by 龙信明

I can order the killing, or indefinite imprisonment without recourse, of anyone, anytime, in any country.

I am above all domestic and international law.

I am the President of the United States of America.

Human Rights: American Version
17-part Miniseries
Articles by 龙信明
A Bit of US History
How The US Became Rich
Editorial by 龙信明
American Values
What Does America Stand For?
Article by 龙信明
The CIAs Greatest Hits
US Government Assassination Plots
Agency of Rogues
The CIA: Greatest Criminal Organisation in the World
Original CIA Insurrection Manual from Serbia
Gene Sharp's Einstein Institute
CIA Strategic Guide to Sedition and Revolution
Gene Sharp's Einstein Institute

We Came, We Destroyed, We Forgot
An Updated Summary of the Charming Record of US Foreign Policy
History of US Debt is History of US Wars
The Military-Industrial Complex is the Main Beneficiary
History of America's Dark Side
It is Only Worldwide Public Revulsion That has Ever Stayed the US Hand of Brutality
A Century of US Military Interventions
And not for democracy, freedoms or human rights, either。
Editorial by 龙信明
Use of US Armed Forces Abroad 1798-2010
34-Page Listing of the 100s of US Invasions - by the US Congressional Research Service
US False Flag on Cuba - Operation Northwoods
A CIA and US Military Totally Out of Control。
Ronald Reagan, Enabler of Atrocities
Reagan’s Cold War Obsessions Unleashed Right-Wing “Death Squads” on Common People。
USA: Goodbye, Public Education
The Serious Crisis of the US Public Education System
Is It Fascism Yet?
America’s starting to look more and more like a (gulp) Fascist State。
America's War for Global Domination
We're at the juncture of the most serious crisis in modern history
Government OF the Top 1%, BY the Top 1%, FOR the Top 1%
So Much For "Democracy" and The American Dream
Who's Hungry Now? Gallup Survey
Chinese Struggling Less Than Americans to Afford Basics
Editorial by 龙信明

US Tent City. For millions of Americans, no more mortgage worries.

<>  美国世界媒体  <>
<>  US & World Media
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Jessica Lynch
America's Fake Iraq Poster Girl
Editorial by 龙信明
Pat Tillman
The Murdered War Hero
Editorial by 龙信明
Conspiracy Theories
Let's look at Osama bin Laden
Editorial by 龙信明
Anatomy of a Yemen Bomb Scare
Apparently Just Another Hoax
Editorial by 龙信明
Let's Take a Look at Iraq
Things are Not Always What They Seem
Editorial by 龙信明
Let's Take a Look at Libya
Things are Not Always What They Seem
Editorial by 龙信明
How our Understanding of History is Manipulated
Much of What Western Governments Tell Us is Fabricated
The Victory of Spin
US Government's Manipulation of News
The Message Machine - A Pentagon Campaign
Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand
The CIA and Propaganda
CIA Funding and Manipulation of US News Media
US War Propaganda
Fabricating the Truth
Battle Tanks
How Think Tanks Shape the Public Agenda
US Media Independence: The Rot Within
US News Reporting is Largely Fictional Spin
Taking Journalistic Fraud to a New Level
The New York Times: Gaza's "Economic Boom"
Editorial by 龙信明
The US Media - Let's Revolt
Don't Believe Everything You Read
Editorial by 龙信明

<>  国际融资 <>
<>  (International Finance) <>

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A World Bank for a New World
The World Bank - an Extension of US Foreign Policy
America's Plan to Destabilise China
Currency: The Secret Weapon
How China Was Stolen
The Destruction of China's Banking System by Chiang Kai Shek And the USA
China's RMB Silver Standard
Long US history of interfering in China's currency.
Scrap Dollar as the Sole Reserve Currency
From a UN Report

<>  龙信明 社论 (Editorials)  <>
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How to be a Responsible Global Citizen: Commit suicide to save the Empire
Editorial by 龙信明
What's Good For the Goose ...
A Humorous Look at Foreign Policy, if China Were to Copy the USA。
Editorial by 龙信明
Tibet Commentary - Revised with Photos
Westerners are Unforgiveably Uninformed on Tibet
Editorial by 龙信明
Ernst Zundel and Canada's Shame
The Jews are Persecutors too
Article by 龙信明
The Internet is Not a Supra-National Entity
Internet Sovereignty is National, not American
Editorial by 龙信明
Editorial by 龙信明

不可原谅的是: 最喜欢对西藏说三道四的西方人,恰好是那些最无知的人
Great Party, but Where's the Communism?
Minxin Pei Proves that Freedom of Opinion is a Bad Thing
Editorial by 龙信明
The World can Afford Only one Rich Country
And That's the USA. Sorry, China
Editorial by 龙信明
Let's Meet Some Real People
Editorial by 龙信明

A Look at China and its People the Way They Really are Today
Hong Kong's British Legacy - the Rule of Law
HK has best Rule of law in Asia - or Does it?
Editorial by 龙信明

<>   以色列, 巴勒斯坦  <>
<>  (Israel & Palestine)  <>

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Hasbara World of Spin
Sanitising Israel and the Jews
7-Part Miniseries Articles by 龙信明
Muzzling Truth
Cleansing Israel and Rewriting History
Article by 龙信明
A brief History of Israel and the Jews
Stuff You Won't Find in the History Books.
Editor's Notes, Contents, Bibliography
Article by 龙信明
Israel's War on Children - Part 1 - A Photo-essay
Murdering Children for Sport
Article by 龙信明
Israel's Genocide in Gaza - A Photoessay - Introduction
UN Special Report: The Jewish Holocaust Against Palestine
Article by 龙信明

The remains of the UN school in Gaza.
The Jews destroyed 240 Gaza schools in 10 days.

United Nations Report on Gaza Atrocities
Jewish Operation Cast Lead
Benjamin Freedman - The Truth of Israel's Creation,
The "Holocaust", and Jewish Involvement in Both World Wars
Zionism - The Hidden Tyranny
by Benjamin Freedman
Germany Betrayed
Germany's Defeat in WWI, in trade for Palestine
The Balfour Declaration and
The Creation of Israel

The end of a successful interrogation. A Palestinian lad stripped, handcuffed, then shot in the head and left in the street.

The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy - The Road to War
by John J. Mearsheimer & Stephen M. Walt
The Jews' Economic Boycott of 1933
The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany
Jews and Revolutions - Let Them Eat Cake
Jewish Involvement in World Upsets
Stalin's Jews
The Gulags, Genrikh Yagoda, Kaganovich, Beria, and More
Little-Known Jewish Businesses
China Opium, Black & White Slave Trafficking, War Financing . . .
The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict
Published by Jews For Justice in the Middle East

<>  世界新秩序<>
<>  The New World Order <>

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The New World Order
Declining US Empire plans to re-order the world, using NATO as a supra-national military force
Editorial by 龙信明
The Middle East and Then the World
The End Game to an American World-Spanning System of Global Governance
Coup d'État in Disguise

Washington's New World Order "Democratisation" Template
Spreading Democracy the American Way - Part I
Rather Than the US Promoting Democracy and Freedom, the Opposite is True。
Editorial by 龙信明

<>  看中国 (Watching China) <>
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US Subversion in China
Dealing With Non-Diplomatic Activities
Editorial by 龙信明
US Subversion in China
Let's Look at Google
Editorial by 龙信明
Foreign Companies in China: Let's Cheat China
35-part Miniseries
Articles by 龙信明
The History of Chinese Invention
16-Part Miniseries
Articles by 龙信明
Democracy, To Be Or Not To Be?
30-Part Miniseries
Articles by 龙信明
Democracy and Universal Values
Or, Something Like That
Editorial by 龙信明
Multi-Party Democracy
A Substitute for Civil War
Editorial by 龙信明
China: Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence as a Global Power
Lessons from the Past - James Petras
China’s Rise, America’s Fall
Why Nations Fail
Article by Ron Unz
Chinese Melamine and American Vioxx:
A Comparison
Article by Ron Unz
Carnegie-Mellon's Cold Fusion China Microblog Project
Censorship (or lack thereof) in China's Social Media
Editorial by 龙信明
US-Hong Kong Policy Report
Just Looking Out for US Interests
US-Funded Interference Programs in China 2009
Financing Unrest in the Name of Freedom
US-Funded Interference Programs in China 2008
Financing Unrest in the Name of Freedom
China Remembers a Vast Crime by the West
The Wanton Destruction of Beijing's Yuanmingyuan.
Strange Meeting
China's contribution to the Allies during World War II
The War that Changed the World
60th Anniversary of the Korean War
The most mysterious school in China
A school that shapes China's future
China's High-Speed Trains
Editorial by 龙信明

Revised section with commentary, Travel in China, photos.

<>  外交事务 (Foreign Affairs)  <>
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The Profound Institutional Crisis of the West
Excess Liquidity, Criminal Bankers, Political Incompetence
A Military Mentality & NATO
Nobel's Pro-Military Agenda and the Future World Order
Thai Dilemma of Western Democracy
Why does democracy meet with difficulties in developing countries?
The dark side of Winston Churchill
Not his finest hour
Every email and website to be stored
The UK is, like the US, progressing to a fascist state
Let's Free Hawaii 解 放夏威夷
Forget Tibet; This One is Much Closer to Home
Editorial by 龙信明
Apology Resolution to the Kingdom of Hawaii
Passed by US Congress Nov. 23, 1993

The USA Today. Democracy in Action

Stephen Harper: Canada's
Pseudo-Christian Bigot

Aiding Israeli Oppression in Jesus' name
Saudi judge asks doctor to destroy man's spine
Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic law permits revenge sentencing
Anatomy of a Yemen Bomb Scare
Apparently Just Another Hoax
Editorial by 龙信明

<>  Paul Krugman Section  <>
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Paul Krugman - The Man With Two Brains - Economic and Political
And Both Apparently Malfunctioning
Editorial by 龙信明

<>  优秀网站链接 (Excellent Links)  <>

Hidden Harmonies: The website's mission is to articulate and seek out Chinese perspectives from around the world. Click here

chinancient.com: Ancient Chinese culture, Chinese traditional culture, history, art, myths in ancient China Click here

chinamytime.com: A great place to find comprehensive China travel info, practical travel tips, reviews and travel experiences. Click here


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<>  上海日记  <>
<>  Shanghai Diaries
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Shanghai Diary # 10
Aversion to heating, Chinese names, Chinese trains, What do they talk about? ....

Shanghai Diary # 05
Shanghai F-1 Race, Tell the Truth, Chicken Soup in Haining ....

<>  旅行  Travel  <>
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Would you like to meet some Chinese people?
What do you really know about China?
Editorial by 龙信明

<>  中国文化  <>
<>  Chinese Culture

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A Light-Hearted Cartoon Look at
Cultural Differences between East & West
Chinglish - The Chinese Language
We will always together. I will back soon.

<>  幽默 (Humor)  <>
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Mcdonell Douglas
Warranty Rregistration Card
The World's Economic Crisis
Everything you need to know (Greece, Europe, China)
Angered by Snubbing,
Libya, China, Syria Form "Axis of Just as Evil"

<>  科技 (Science & Tech)  <>
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大众汽车 Aqua 气垫船
一位美丽的中国设计的气垫船。 由龙信明编辑
Click here for English
Fascination Car
A 1960s marvel that didn't quite succeed ....
Crop Circle Photos
Commentary, and Some of my Favorites
Airships: a second age
Once the future of travel, they may return now, after 70 years.

<>  最受欢迎的文章  <>
<>  Most Popular  <>

  • Let's Talk About Tiananmen Square, 1989

  • 让我们谈谈天安门广场 1989: 我的传闻是比你传闻更好

  • Israel - Murdering Children for Sport - A Photo-Essay

  • Ai Weiwei - "China's Conscience" - Another Dissident Bites the Dust

  • Opium & Imperialism: Destruction of China's Yuanminguan

  • 犹太鸦片和英国帝国主义中国的圆明园的肆意破坏

  • The Jewish Monopoly on Opium in China still fuels Resentment

  • 犹太垄断鸦片仍然燃料中国不满今天

  • China’s Rise, America’s Fall

  • Israel's Use of Phosphor Weapons in Gaza

  • China's High-Speed Trains

  • US Embassy confirms China's version of Tiananmen Square

  • 100 Years of US Military Interventions Worldwide

  • History of Invention: 60% of Our Knowledge Originated in China

  • The Remarkable History of Chinese Invention: Why was China Erased From Western Memory?

  • Open Letter to President Obama From the Chinese People

  • 主席奧巴馬的公开信从中国人

  • US Torture - An Institution

  • Foreign Companies in China: Let's Cheat China

  • A brief History of Israel & The Jews: Stalin's Jews

  • The Jews' 1933 Economic Boycott of Germany

  • <>  Quotations  <>

    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. - Jiddu Krishnamurti

    What we are actually hoping for is bloodshed, for the moment when the government has no choice but to brazenly butcher the people. Only when the square is awash with blood will the people of China open their eyes. - Chai Ling, "Supreme Commander" of 1989 student protests in China.

    子大了什么鸟都有: If the forest is large enough, you can see every kind of bird - Old Chinese Saying.

    If we use force, it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future." Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, 1998

    Shanghai children enjoy a world-class education in a public school - the best school system of any in a recent 65-nation survey.

    The USA Today: An authoritarian nation is defined not just by the use of authoritarian powers, but by the ability to use them. If a president can take away your freedom or your life on his own authority, all rights become little more than a discretionary grant subject to executive will. Jonathan Turley

    Modern China , as a world power, is incomparably stronger than it was in the early 18th century. The US does not have the colonial leverage that the ascendant British Empire possessed in the run-up to the Opium Wars. Moreover, many Chinese intellectuals and the vast majority of its citizens have no intention of letting its current "Westernized compradors" sell out the country.

    Nothing would accelerate political polarization in Chinese society and hasten the coming of a second Chinese social revolution more than a timid leadership submitting to a new era of Western imperial pillage.

    Americans have lost faith in the credibility of their political system, which is the one resource the entire regime is predicated upon. This loss of faith has contributed to a complex but dark national mood. The country is anxious, pessimistic, ashamed, helpless and defensive." David Brooks

    The number of Chinese who want a Western, US-style "democratic" government is about the same as the number of Americans who want Communism. - 龙信明

    Democractic elections may not so much reflect our "inalienable, god-given, universal-value, human right" to choose a leader as much as our desperate need to take out the garbage later. 龙信明

    It will be difficult to push our government system onto China. Westerners vigorously defend their right to elect (and then throw out) incompetent and self-serving politicians, while the Chinese defend their right to not elect incompetent and self-serving politicians in the first place. You can see the inherent conflict. 龙信明

    It is surely a serious indictment of the Western democractic system that even the manager of a 7-11 must have minimum credentials, but a candidate for a Prime Minister of Canada or President of the US need have none whatsoever. 龙信明

    The concept of "Freedom of Religion" includes freedom FROM religion. - 龙信明

    In the US today, the top 1% of Americans now take in 25% of the nation’s annual income, and control 40% of all the wealth. US income disparity today is similar to that of South and Central America 100 years ago.

    Four or five members of the Walton (Wal-Mart) family control 30% of all US wealth, while millions of Americans are sleeping in tent cities and in their cardboard boxes under the overpass. Hurray for democracy.

    According to the CIA’s World Factbook, in world rankings of income inequality, the US is in the company of developing countries — just behind Cameroon and Ivory Coast and just ahead of Uganda and Jamaica.